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​​​​​​​To me, true prosperity is freedom from anxiety.

I created the True Prosperity Program because I personally wanted a systematic way to expand my comfort zone when it came to money. As a lifelong high achiever with perfectionist tendencies and a scathing inner critic, I was humiliated by my bankruptcy after my business was washed away in the 2008 financial crisis. I was emotionally devastated and ashamed.

Even after regrouping, creating a new, profitable business, becoming my family's main breadwinner and rebuilding our savings while remaining debt-free, I still struggled to trust that we were financially secure.

My body carried the trauma: my heart would race every time I used my bank card, even if I had thousands in my account. I woke up in the morning with a sore jaw and chipped teeth from grinding away my stress. I carried a tremendous amount of guilt and didn't truly feel I deserved abundance.

To transform my relationship with wealth, I knew I needed to address all four dimensions of finance: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of money.

This self-led course is for you if any of these apply:

  • You've experienced financial trauma.
  • You've hit an income plateau.
  • You have a huge income goal for the next year.
  • You feel concerned about unequal distribution of wealth in the world and aren't sure how to balance that with your need to provide for yourself or your family.
  • You're curious about your relationship with money and want to explore all of its dimensions.
  • You really want to release all anxiety around money.

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You don't have 1-2 hours per week to devote to the money issue at this time.
  • Spending 5-10 minutes doing your Joy Book each night, right before bed, won't work for you.
  • You are totally content with your money history and it in no way affects you in the present.
  • You are 100% confident that you are in right relationship with money.
  • You have more than your share of wealth and zero guilt about earning and privilege.
  • You're not interested in exploring the spiritual dimension of money.

“I did the live version - twice! If you want to clear financial issues and create a healthy, positive and spiritually enlightened relationship with money and prosperity, this is THE course to explore.
​What she teaches works!”

Sharon Hall, Business Coach

The True Prosperity Program can help with any kind of change you want to bring about, not solely financial change. The system works regardless of what "prosperity" means to you. If you want to double your income this year, it can help (worked for me). If you want to relax and not be so tight-fisted with money, it can help (it worked for the woman who bought a competing travel agency to increase her market share and visibility). 

It has worked for entrepreneurs and employees. It has worked for men and women. It has worked for young and old. It has worked for accountants and yogis. Honestly, no matter your goal, it can help.

In this program, I've synthesized my training as a hypnotherapist with my experience as an Intuitive Coach and my research into developmental and shock trauma. I've devised a heart-centered, intuitive, and easily replicable way to heal your relationship with money. 

I'm applying this approach to the concept of money because it's a common site of struggle for many, but once you learn the system, you can apply it to anything you want to change or improve in your life.

In this 4-week program, you'll:

  • reprogram limiting beliefs about money and your self-worth
  • learn how to anchor yourself to positive, resourceful states
  • be guided through mental training exercises that create steady, incremental, positive change
  • be introduced to the life-changing Joy Book system of spiritual accounting

This program will be particularly effective for those recovering from money trauma such as bankruptcy, investment loss, business closure or otherwise. However, it will not focus on financial planning or investment advice at all. 

This is not a course that will:

  • teach you bookkeeping
  • encourage you to monitor your spending
  • tell you how to keep more of what you earn
  • promote investment
  • try to sell you more training
  • blame you for having a "poverty mentality"
  • equate a six-figure salary with success

It also won't help address the oppression inherent in capitalism. It will not radically dismantle the system, much as I wish it could.

What it will help you address is the impact of capitalism and your unique money wound.

There are plenty of resources out there to help you learn about money managment. This is not one of those programs. This program is about addressing any financial impediments occurring on the emotional, mental or spiritual levels of your life.

I don't offer a money-back guarantee on this program for the simple reason that I can't guarantee that you will heed the guidance of your soul.

What I can guarantee is, it feels really good! 

Each night for a month, you're going drift off into dreamland floating on endorphins. You'll be creating new neural pathways that expand your capacity for positive feelings and mental correlations around money. Your brain will re-organize its understanding of your relationship with money in a new, more creative light. In so doing, your ability to tangibly improve your financial situation increases.

Whether you consider yourself very analytical and "heady" or whether you are someone who goes very deep, very fast into meditative states, I've accounted for your unique style in this course. This system has lots of checks and balances. We're working all the angles.​

At the root, this program is about JOY and bringing more of it into your life, specifically in relation to money.

About me, Carmen Spagnola, creator of the True Prosperity Program and The Numinous School of Intuition.

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Money is not the primary theatre of my work. I am not a wealth coach or proponent of the Law of Attraction. I'm not particularly interested in finances (I do have an accountant but I don't have a mortgage, investments or a financial advisor). I don't think it's part of my life purpose to create financial freedom for myself or others.

What I am is an excavator. I am primarily engaged in unearthing bullshit, whether that's past trauma or a distorted self-image. So I quickly become impatient with superficialities, particularly any kind of personal development that relies on information and awareness to spur change. It's just not enough, folks. You've got to dig deeper.

I enter the realm of healing via the subconscious mind. In this program, I use voice, music, brain wave training (theta beats), relaxation, and specific journalling exercises to access your innate wisdom. 

I help you find your footing in your dark places. I guide you to your inner resources. I reconnect you with the creative force within you. I draw out your gifts and your power. It's up to you what you do with them.

My great hope is that you'll use them for the betterment of humankind. But if you need to get your finances in order before you can unleash your creative heart onto the world, well...I know the feeling. So let's start there.

Lesson overview

Each week, you'll gain access to a new lesson. Each lesson contains:

  • an instructional video
  • a worksheet
  • a guided audio download
You'll need to set aside a 1-2 hour block of time to complete a lesson, plus 5-10 minutes every night before bed.

*​​​​​​​Please note that because the video files are so large, and to prevent sharing or re-posting, the instructional videos are hosted in the online classroom and not available for download. You will want to have free wifi or a great data plan to do this course while travelling.

Week One: The Physical Level
We lay a new foundation by understanding neuroplasticity, the subconscious mind, behaviour change, self-efficacy and anchoring. We introduce the Joy Book concept and how we can leverage it to change our behaviour and brain function.

Week Two: The Emotional Level
We uncover our true feelings about money, our own worth, our fears about failure and success, as well as judgements we may be carrying in our hearts about ourselves and others. We use forgiveness and gratitude to forge new neural pathways to prosperity.

Week Three: The Mental Level
We re-educate our subconscious minds to hold a greater sense of possibility. We become more intentional about our thought patterns by using a very specific structure of inquiry, and we reinforce healthier mental habits regarding wealth and finances.

Week Four: The Spiritual Level
We put all this work in perspective. We dive deeper into values, honesty, virtue, truth, meaning, spiritual connection, and explore the greater purpose of money in our lives. We learn how to keep a strong tether to our soul as we grow into greater prosperity.

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4 week digital program $79.00 USD

  • A new video lesson every week
  • Guided meditation tracks you can download and use forever
  • Easy but in-depth worksheets
  • Open, ongoing enrollment - start anytime!

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